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The Westby Blend is a social experiment where in-store prices are a suggested donation or simply pay what you want. We aim to be an inclusive community hub where all are welcome to refuel, restore, and relax. Refuel with a nice warm cup of coffee or tea, a delicious meal, a sweet treat, or refreshing beverage. Restore your soul and sense of community by reconnecting with others, attending or hosting events, and gathering in a safe space. Come relax in the cozy shop and peruse our assorted Koselig items.  

WHAT IS koselig?

Koselig is a Norwegian word with no direct English translation...."cozy" comes closest but it’s so much more than simply cozy. It’s a feeling of warmth, love, friendship, wellness, community, simplicity....a warm drink by candlelight reading your favorite book or a gathering with friends and family playing a board game. It’s what makes you feel that all is well in your world!

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